PC Connectivity Issues

Run the ilogin program, select file/run and OK. This uses the defaiult values held in the registry that are configured via Setnet32. If the PC is configured correctly then the message 'Storesxxx not found' should appear. No errors at this point implies that the Informix products are installed correctly and the database is there. If you get a -461 then you haven't got an esql runtime on the server, this is not a problem.

To test the Setne32 settings then dbping can be used

If the application is still producing unexpected results then the problem lies with the application or the interface between the application and the Informix software. If the application is not running then the error number/description will point to the problem.

Manually enter what is believed to be the correct values in the ilogin program. Later versions of IConnect and the SDK come with DBPing and this should be used in perference to ILogin. If this cures the problem then ensure that these values are entered via the setnet32 program.

Check the server can be seen.

Is the service correct. The service name used is not important but the normal convention is to use the same name as that of the server. What is important is the actual service number, these must be the same on both the client and the server.

Is the port open ?

prompt> telnet  <server> <port>

If server is blocked then

Trying xxx.yyy.www.zzz...
telnet: connect to address xxx.yyy.www.zzz: Connection refused

otherwise you will see

Trying xxx.yyy.www.zzz...
Connected to aix_host.
Escape character is '^]'.

You will see error 401 in the online log on the server.

Is the protocol correct. The valid options for the PC are the socket or streams based protocols. If the server is using tli then use the socket based connection. Since Windows 95 the PC end has used onsoctcp, most (ALL ?) Intel platforms use sockets.

If the returned error is in the form of 'Can't get_serverbyname' then there is a problem either in and/or with the hosts and/or services file.

Remember under windows the hosts and services files are held in ${WINNT|WINDOWS}system32/drivers/etc and not in /etc like the rest of the known computing world

If all these steps fail try a different version of IConnect, generally the early versions do not work well/at all with the latest versions of Windows. By the same token the later version might not work with early versions of Windows

Application Aborts with a 1363

This is a memory error. Assuming the PC has enough memory to run the application then the most likely causes are

  • Comms layer memory leak
  • Re-use of free'd cursors without re-preparing
  • Uninitialised variables
  • Too many windows/superviews

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