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C-ISAM Datablade

IBM Informix® C-ISAM DataBlade module is a library of C functions that efficiently manage Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) files.

Developed specifically to help you add relational database management system (RDBMS) features to your C-ISAM environment or to assist you in migrating C-ISAM applications to an RDBMS environment.

  • Enables fast data access.
  • Includes flexible indexing options.
  • Supports large files.
  • Provides an SQL interface to C-ISAM data through an SQL Access component.

Includes a Server Storage component that enables you to store ISAM data directly in the database server, while allowing C-ISAM programs to continue accessing this data.

Excalibur Text Search Datablade

  • IBM Informix® Excalibur Text Search DataBlade. enables full text search capabilities, so you can take full advantage of an engine that is optimized for indexing and searching text information . using proximity searches and other features. You can add extensive text-searching to many existing applications.
  • Delivers full-text indexing . including extensive support for fuzzy-search logic, especially important when indexing scanned text.
  • Provides rapid query results.
  • Offers support for various document types including: ASCII, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF and WordPerfect.
  • AdapIncludes an adaptive pattern recognition process (APRP) engine for maximum precision, recall, and relevancy in applications that require either full text retrieval or ad hoc text query.
  • Includes feature-rich capabilities such as multiple stop-word lists, proximity searching and synonym lists.

Image Foundation Datablade

  • The Informix® Image Foundation DataBlade. provides a base on which new or specialized image types and image processing technologies can be quickly added or changed.
  • Open, secure , and scalable, providing a clear path toward reusing and repurposing valuable image assets.
  • Store and retrieve images in the database or on remote computers and storage servers
  • Store and retrieve image metadata
  • Transform images using the industry-standard CVT command set
  • Increases productivity and enhances workflow by allowing images to be automatically manipulated and deployed to applications

Spatial Datablade

Would you like to know where your key customers are located? Are you looking to target your offerings to a specific and profitable demographic niche? Whether you are administering utilities or routing a fleet, analyzing customer behavior or managing natural resources, the IBM Informix® Spatial DataBlade® module affords the ability to jointly access and analyze location-based and core business data extending intelligence and decision-making capabilities for an edge in today's marketplace. A no-charge component of the IBM Informix Dynamic Server, IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module provides one of the lowest cost-of-ownership and highest performance spatial solutions in the industry.

Leveraging spatial data for key decision making

Key business decisions frequently involve location and proximity. Although many organizations have made significant investments in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and third-party spatial data applications, they cannot fully leverage the value of this information unless their database is spatially enabled. IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module is an industry-standard (open-GIS compliant) spatial extension to the IBM IDS, which intelligently loads and manipulates complex geospatial and traditional data. It enables many industries and sectors to increase the power of existing location-based data and consequently enhances their ability to thrive and succeed. The following examples illustrate how IBM IDS with IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module can help myriad industries realize a competitive advantage.

Lower total cost of ownership

Not only can you receive unsurpassed industry-leading spatial technology at no additional cost, but you can accomplish more, with fewer people in less time, due to the IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module's simple architecture and compliance with industry spatial standards.

Increase performance

R-tree indexing an innovative approach to accessing spatial, multidimensional and traditional data enables IBM IDS with IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module to boost performance significantly offering a substantial competitive advantage.

Leverage your technology investments

IBM IDS with IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade module makes it possible for you to combine the location based data you already have with one of the most powerful databases in the industry to help you increase profits, expand market share and augment operational efficiencies. Full support for all R-tree indexing capabilities

Web Datablade

  • The Informix® Web DataBlade. module is a collection of tools, functions, and examples that ease development of “intelligent”, interactive, Web-enabled database applications.
  • The Web DataBlade module supports most Web Server Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and enables a truly interactive Web site.
  • Webdriver database client application build SQL queries that execute the WebExplode function for retrieving AppPages from your database.
  • Enables you to customize Web applications using information from its configuration file, or stored in the database– without gateway programming.
  • Allows you to track persistent session variables between AppPages.
  • NSAPI Webdriver component: This implementation of Webdriver is written with the Netscape Server API and is used only with Netscape Web servers.
  • Apache Webdriver component: This implementation of Webdriver is written with the Apache API and is used only with Apache Web servers.
  • ISAPI Webdriver component: This implementation of Webdriver is written with the Microsoft® Internet Information Server API and is used only with Microsoft Internet Information Web servers.
  • CGI Webdriver component: This implementation of Webdriver is a standard CGI program that can be executed by all Web servers.
  • The WebExplode Function is an SQL function that builds dynamic HTML pages based on data stored in your database.

Video Foundation Datablade

  • The Informix® Video Foundation DataBlade. module is an open and scalable software architecture that allows strategic third-party development partners to incorporate specific video technologies such as video servers, external control devices, compression codecs, or cataloging tools into complete database management applications with the Informix Dynamic Server.
  • Extends the capabilities of Informix database server to manage video content and metadata, or information about the content
  • Metadata elements are stored in the database while the actual video content can be maintained on disk, video tape, video server, or other external storage devices.
  • Storage capability addresses the “analog reality” of many video production facilities.

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