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If you have been using IBM-Informix for a number of years then you will have noticed that certain names keep cropping up. This section aims to tell you more about them

Alan Caldera

Alan Caldera is currently team lead for the IBM Informix DataBlade development group and member of the IDS Architecture Board. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry as a software developer, database administrator and consultant. He joined the Informix Software Professional Services Organization as a consultant in 1998 where he worked with customers and business partners on datablade implementations, application design, replication, and performance tuning of IDS. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Indiana University - Bloomington.

Ambuj Goyal

Art Kagel

Art S. Kagel has over 23 years of computer programming, Systems Analysis, Software and Database Design, Project Management, Database Administration and consulting experience. Before becoming professionally involved in IT, he had ten years of prior business and management experience. Currently Art designs database systems for Bloomberg Financial Markets and is active participant in a small number of Internet News groups and Mailing Lists.

Art was educated in Computer Science at the Polytechnic Institute of New York with Post-Graduate work at New York University in Information Systems and Decision Support Systems. In addition, he holds a degree in Business Management and Marketing from St. John's University in New York. Art is an expert in the areas of Decision Support Systems, Database Design, Software Design, Probability and Statistics, Market Analysis, Media Planning Analysis, Financial Application Systems and Time Accounting. He earned recognition in the field of Decision Support Systems for having developed the first working Model Base Management Component for a Decision Support System. Art is the inventor of the unique Unshuffle Sort Algorithm and a highly efficient merge algorithm. He has written articles for several technical journals and has taught classes in programming technique in several computer languages as well as in the use of various software packages and database systems.

Arvind Krishna

Bernie Spang

Carlton Doe

About the author from the back cover of “IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11 - The Next Generation in OLTP Data Server Technology” published in June 2007:

Carlton Doe had over 10 years of Informix experience as a DBA, Data Server Administrator and 4GL Developer before joining Informix in 2000. During this time, he was actively involved in the local Informix user group and was one of the five founders of the International Informix Users Group (IIUG). He served as IIUG President, Advocacy Director, and sat on the IIUG Board of Directors for several years. He is best known for having written “Informix-OnLine Dynamic Server Handbook” and “Administering Informix Dynamic Server on Windows NT”, both of which are currently undergoing revisions for a second edition. He is the author of numerous IBM whitepapers and technical articles and co-authored several IBM Rebooks. Carlton currently works for IBM as the Informix Technical Specialist for the America's Geographies and is a Senior Certified Consulting IT Specialist. He lives in Dallas, TX with his family and his neighbor's “puppy”.

Cindy Fung


Doug Lawry

Doug graduated from Cambridge in Management Sciences, and has been an Informix developer and DBA in UK since 1984, including at the BBC, Siemens, Reuters, Avis, UPS and Panavision. He is an IIUG member, contributor to CDI, creator of the CGI-SQL Web query driver, and co-developer of the SQuirreL SQL Informix plug-in. His current position is Senior Consultant at Oninit (email doug@oninit.com).

Eric Herber

Eric Herber works as an independent consultant for IBM Informix and DB2 data servers. He is the author of several articles about Informix database technology and operates the The Informix Zone Web site.

Gary Proctor

Guy Bowerman

Guy Bowerman is the Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) architect for Windows, Installation and common libraries. He has his own blog

Jack Parker

Jacques Roy

Jacques Roy is a member of the worldwide technical sales support/enablement organization for database servers. He has over 20 years experience in the computer industry. He is a frequent speakers at Information Management Technical Conferences and Informix users group meetings.

Jacques is the author of “IDS.2000: Server-Side Programming in C” and the lead author of “Open-Source Components for IDS 9.x”. He also frequently contributes article to the IBM developerWorks site. His articles cover an array of subjects such as:

Jerry Keese

Jonathan Leffler

Jonathan Leffler started using Informix products in 1986, joined Informix UK in 1990, and moved to California in 1993. He led the I4GL maintenance team and helped introduce D4GL. He is now a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM working as an architect for IDS, was a founding member of the IIUG, and actively participates in the comp.databases.informix news group. He wrote the book 'Using Informix-SQL', the program SQLCMD, and the Perl DBD::Informix module.

John Miller III

John F. Miller, III , a senior technical staff member on the Resolution Team for IBM Informix Technical Support, a team responsible for handling critical customer situations and developing support tools for use by the Technical Support Organization. During John's 12 years at Informix, he has specialized in Archive/Restore issues, including the development of the archecker tool, along with performance benchmarks including participation in several benchmarks for SAP and BAAN. He can be reached at miller3@us.ibm.com

June Hunt

Kernoal Stephens

Kernoal is the lead DBA at Autozone and a member of the IIUG board

Kevin Brown

Kevin has over 25 years experience in the database field. Before coming to IBM Kevin worked at Britton-Lee where he helped develop the worlds first dedicated database machine. He went on to Illustra where he worked on extending the capabilities of traditional relational databases, building the Timeseries and Real-Time loader datablades. Kevin is currently a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM and the lead architect for the Informix Dynamic Server.

Kevin Foster

Lester Knutsen

Madison Pruet

Madison is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) with IBM and is the replication architect for the Informix Dynamic Server. He has not only been responsible for the development of much of the ER and MACH11 functionality, but he has also played significant roles for non-replication functionality such as large chunk and network encryption. He has his own blog

Mark Scranton

Obnoxio the Clown

Paul Watson

Paul started his career as a Mechanical Engineer, gravitating to computers and databases via an MPhil in Electronics, and now has been involved in Informix databases for the last 20 years. For the last 9 years Paul has been very involved in Oninit, a company he helped form and now runs the US operation.

Terry Gerber

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