Like all other RDBMS software it is not unusual to have problems from time to time, fortunately Informix-IDS suffers significantly less than the other vendors offerings.

Where to get Support

Call IBM
Call your ISV

Should be obvious really but if you've bought your solution from an ISV or VAR then they should be able to help resolve your problems

Ask on CDI

The CDI newsgroup dates back to the early 90s and is still probably the best free source of help available. Most questions are answered swiftly and accurately by some of the most respected names in our industry.

Ask on the IIUG Forums

The IIUG provide a number of forums that allow users to request help. User registration is required.

Top 10 Problems [IBM]

Top 10 Problems [UK]


Of course you mightn't need help if you've been trained properly. Training is available from a number of companies

IBM Official Training
Oninit provide custom onsite training throughout the world
Advance Data Tools provide classroom based training throughout the US

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